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Denislav Kanev and Zachary Chant are the creative force behind the visual content of Valardiz. 

With an extensive background in the performing arts scene, the two-person team with their company "De-Da Productions" specialises in photo and video documentation, audio-visual projection work and short film production.

De-Da Productions represents the cohesive partnership of two different but complementary viewpoints and seeks to meet your personal and professional needs with a creative and original approach.




So that we too could make our contribution, we were donating 100€ with every watch sold to the foundation fund Civil Sea Rescue until end of H1 2020

In view of the challenge we face, we need many signs of solidarity. Small-mindedness or egoism cannot lead the way.

The coronavirus will especially hit those who already have difficulties. This includes the refugees at our external borders. The homeless, and the old and the sick. The corona crisis might distract us from the suffering of those seeking protection, but violence and humanitarian disaster continue. That’s why it’s important to stick together, now more than ever.
This virus does not differentiate according to skin, religion or gender. It affects us all.


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Sign the petition or donate. Because every little counts

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